NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain metaverse

Instructions for Giveaway NFT Moon Metaverse/Skale Network

Giwavay Moon metaverse/Skale

Hello everyone. We have 2 news🏆

✅ We have added the SKALE Network to the NFT bridge XPNetwork, this will allow all holders of metaverse assets (land plots, id cards) to use them in the metaverse without paying network fees.

✅Together with the SKALE Network, we arrange a Giveaway among those who will buy one of the assets of the metaverse or transfer an asset already purchased to the SKALE network.

What will be the prizes:

🌟For an ID card-an NTM token in the amount of $ 2 to $ 50, depending on the type of ID card.

🧩For Plots of land – a token in the amount of $ 20 to $ 200.

Instruction manual:

If you are already the owner of a plot or an id card, follow the link and follow the instructions .
Or buy a plot or/and id card and then just follow the link and follow the instructions .

📌Giveaway will last until March 10. Next, prizes will be paid to the wallets from which the transfer was made across the bridge.

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