NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain metaverse

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We have great news! You can get a ready-made virtual location for your business.

Place your business in an interactive virtual space. Your business will get a WOW effect and you will stand out from the competition.

We have great news! You can get a ready-made virtual location for your business.

Welcome to

NFT Moon Metaverse

Settle and rule new world
with unlimited options to explore,
create and benefit from

Avatars NFT moon Metaverse
Vide2 NFT Moon Metaverse

What is NFT Moon


NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic
Create-to-Earn multi blockchain universe.
It will be inhabited by self-driven and creative people craving for boundless opportunities.

Moonopolis is the premier self-governed and decentralized city founded in NFT Moon Metaverse. It will be managed by DAO.

Create-to-Earn is a new page in Web3 economy

Produce UGC – your own content, convert it into NFTs to use and monetize in the ecosystem, or earn crypto by having fun in the Play-to-Earn part of NFT Moon Metaverse.
NFT Moon Metaverse is the space where both models coexist peacefully to meet the needs of all ecosystem participants and create a solid soil for MetaFi – Metaverse finance.

What can you do in NFT Moon Metaverse

For the user

Creating content (from text to progressive 3D assets and cities), gaining social experience with the help of an avatar, creating locations and businesses, participating in and holding business events (conferences) and concerts, job search and new professions, organizing exhibitions, conducting training, entertainment, games, creating game mechanics with the help of a designer, creating financial mechanics and economics, receiving services from users and companies, buying/selling goods and services.

Vide2 NFT Moon Metaverse
Vide2 NFT Moon Metaverse
Company Moon

For companies and organizations

Сreation of exclusive locations and mechanics for business tasks, virtual offices, meeting rooms, training of employees and clients, locations for events, concerts and events at their own locations, exhibition halls with demonstrations of services and financial products, integration of fiat and crypto payments and many other solutions at the request of business.

Virtual interactive space in NFT Moon Metaverse

Enter NFT Moon Metaverse & Community

Enter NFT Moon Metaverse & Community

ID Cards grants the entrance to the Metaverse where each person can build a personalized reality and experience. Besides networking with other MoonWalkers – our NFT Moon Community – you have access to a variety of Metaverse assets.


There are over 300 beneficial opportunities in NFT Moon Metaverse — from renting land to creating metastartups and events.

Vide2 NFT Moon Metaverse

Be a Moon Land Lord

Metaverse is divided to 10,000 Moon land plots of various categories and opportunities
to earn from: subdivision, staking, access to the advanced metaverse constructor, renting, etc.

Become the pioneer to build new life and home on NFT Moon!

Go decentralized and join DAO

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) consists of 5,000 Avatars – the managing board of the Metaverse community and economy.

Via the DAO, you can influence an evolution of the Metaverse and navigate its future. DAO Avatars are the key decision-makers on how this world works and its economy develops.

Dao Avatars NFT Moon Metaverse

Why NFT Moon Metaverse?

Multi blockchain
(6 blockchains)
Decentralized (governed by DAO)
Create-to-Earn model, creator economy
A web framework for building 3D/AR/VR experiences


Immersive futuristic experience &
AI assistants

Create, Learn, Earn, Vote, Enjoy, Rule = CLEVER experience

Open Metaverse concept

Concept of the NFT Moon metaverse

Land plots of NFT Moon Metaverse

How can the NFT Moon NTM token be used


Roadmap 2023

You can track the roadmap in GitBook

  • Grand marketing campaign
  • Launch of fund for 3rd-party developers to create new locations, game mechanics, dimensions, technologies
  • Launch of Metaverse Alpha
  • Launch of DAO



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XP network

Grants and funds

Skale network

Whitepaper & Deck

Events and giveaways

token sale

People often write to us and ask: How to buy an NFT MOON METAVERSE (NTM) token? We have already conducted a round, but if there is a request to buy a token, we will open the opportunity to buy a token every week for a small amount.🔥For example, the total pool per week is no more than $ 5,000. And no more than $200 per person.

Recall that we have not done Presale (IDO) and listing yet and are making every effort to collect liquidity and make a good start. Therefore, you will receive an NTM token at a price lower than IDO and listing.

➡️In this regard, please answer the survey🔻🔻🔻

⚡️Do you want to get into the pool of participants to buy a token?

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