NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain metaverse

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NFT MOON СERTIFICATE is a unique certificate (token) of virtual land plots with unique properties that makes you a co-owner of the Moon metaverse and allows you to: create states, cities, economies, items. Rent out land plots and sell them. Make a profit as a co-owner of the game.

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What is the Moon Metaverse

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From 1 to 20 NFT Moon certificates of different levels are issued every day. That creates a shortage. In total, it is planned to issue certificates in a period of 1 to 7 years. Any newly issued certificate not sold during this period will be burned, creating an even greater shortage. All certificates are completely transparent, meaning you can see which certificate has appeared and to what level it belongs
It all depends on the supply and demand for NFT Moon certificates. Our task is to make sure that even before the game is released, the value and price of certificates grow. For example, now only 13 NFT Moon certificates are issued and no more than 1 NFT Moon appears every day. As soon as We see that the demand is growing strongly, we start to produce not 1, but 5…. 20 NFT certificates per day. At the same time, due to the shortage, the new owners of NFT Moon can also sell their NFT Moon, but at a more expensive price.
Imagine that there are already neighbors near your plot and their number is growing every day. You unite into settlements, cities. Build your house first, then a village, then a city. And just at this level, the levels of ownership begin to act. The higher the level of NFT Moon, the more bonuses and privileges the Moon universe gives you. And so you decided to create a state, create your own currency, economy. There is a voting system. You can name your land plot, settlement, or city by your own name. You can sell or buy anything you want inside Moon. And each virtual object is a separate NFT. Life begins to swirl around us. More and more people want to get into the virtual planet Moon. But there are no plots! They’ve all been sold out. And so you, as the owner of the NFT Moon certificate, decide to sell it to a new participant. And the price for it is already 10 … 100 times more expensive. Since there are no more plots.
Now you can choose and buy your unique NFT Moon certificate. Become a part of the community of NFT Moon owners and immediately start getting to know each other. Even now, create relationships-even before the game is released.
This is the only NFT Moon certificate. It will appear after (see the counter below). It is unlike any other NFT Moon certificate. It allows you to earn revenue within the Moon metaverse from all purchase and sale transactions. Just imagine, Genesis is, in fact, the progenitor of all NFT Moons. We are waiting for you in the virtual world of NFT Moon.

Types of ownership

genesis NFT Moon
prestige nft moon
Elite NFT Moon
Standart NFT Moon

What is an NFT moon token?

Ownership and uniqueness

Ownership and uniqueness

Ownership and uniqueness

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