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What does owning an NFT Key give you

How to make mint NFT Key

In order to get a free NFT Key, you need to download and install the Metamask wallet. This miner only works with the Metamask wallet. If you have a different wallet, you can make a mint directly through a smart contract. The instructions will be further.

Select the Polygon network in the Metamask wallet. If you haven’t added a Polygon network yet. Follow the instructions.

Mint NFT Key is free, but in order for the smart contract to work, you need to have a Matic on your account to pay for gas. Depending on the load of the network , gas ranges from 3 cents to $ 2 . It is better to have a small stock of Matic in the amount of $ 2 . If you do not have Matic, you need to buy it on any of the exchanges or use an exchanger.

Now you need to climb up to the white window and click on the “CONNECT WALLET” button.
Buy free nft

And confirm the action in the Metamask in the pop-up window.

After you have made the connection, you will have a “MINT” button.

Mint nft

Click on the button and confirm the action in the wallet in the pop-up window (1).
Free nft key

After that, you will see a message (2) under the button in the status window “Output Minting 1 Ntfs…”

If the transaction was successful, you will see a message on the website in the status window, as well as a notification from the wallet.
Free Mint NFT Key

You have received a notification from Metamask about an unsuccessful transaction.

Mint nft free 2

Solution: Go to the Activity tab in the Metamask, click on the last transaction and then click on the arrow.

Mint 23

Mint nft free 23

Next, you need to increase the amount of gas to the maximum and click “Send”.

mint nft free 78


If you have a Trust wallet or another wallet, you can make a minting directly through a smart contract.
Follow the link to the smart contract address

Select the tab as in the screenshot:

Mint free 6789

Next, click on the red circle “Connect to Web3”.
Next, select the tab number 2 in the smart contract.
Mint free

In the Mint field (2), enter “0”. In the Address field (3), enter the same wallet (1). In the Account field (4), enter the number 1 .
mint nft free key

You can only get 1 NFT Key per wallet.

If you received an error when trying to make a mint:
Error: Invalid transaction params: params specify an EIP-1559 transaction but the current network does not support EIP-1559.
Mint error
You need to update the Metamask or run Mint on another device or browser. As a rule, this is an error on the side of the Metamask wallet.

You can see your NFT Key in the Rarible marketplace or on our Marketplace
NFT Marketplace NFT Key

Yes, of course. NFT Key belongs to you and you can put it up for sale at any price. Use our Marketplace or Raible. Remember, there are only 4095 NFT Keys and many of them are of great value, since they have a real use in NFT Moon Metaverse and they will soon be impossible to pick up for free.

You can use any marketplace that supports the Polygon network.You can also use the NFT bridge and transfer the Key to another network and sell it on even more marketplaces.

If you want to transfer your Key to the SKALE, Harmony, Avalanche, BSC networks, follow the link

Bridge NFT Key


See NFT Moon Metaverse KEY

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