NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain metaverse

NFT Moon Metaverse

Create-and-Earn Metaverse

1. What are the challenges of modern users and the IT market?

2. What will change in the near future?

3. Create-and-Earn Metaverse #1.

NFT Moon Metaverse is a project based on creating a secure virtual reality on the blockchain. We are creating a new virtual community with unique characteristics, which will be free from many disadvantages and negative experiences that users of games and first interactions in the Metaverses inevitably get. The reason is – our Metaverse comes from the future.

1. What are the needs and challenges of modern users and the IT market?

  • The number of users in virtual spaces – Metaverses – is growing rapidly. At the same time, for most of the participants full immersion is impossible due to their lack of previous experience and the low popularity of VR and AR devices.

  • In general, at the moment there is a lack of a full-fledged Virtual Environment. This is neither good nor bad – this is a potential growth point. Metaverses and Web 3.0. are at an early stage of their development.
  • Lack of full-fledged workspaces for the implementation of the global tasks of the Market. For example, there is a break between the poor content used and the high expectations of users, while the real reason for the low quality of content lies in the user’s equipment, Internet speed, data volume and technology features.
  • Users have no motivation to create content, because the centralization of existing spaces does not give them the opportunity to fully own the created content.
  • Lack of physical interaction at a distance between people.

 2. What will change in the near future?

  • Centralized content management as well as digital assets owned by large corporations but not owned by the average user will become ancient history.

  • The global communications system and the global economy will gradually become blockchain-based and built on the principles of decentralized storage and use of data. It is safer, faster and more environmentally friendly in terms of both “human-human” relations and “human-nature” relations.

  • A new level of Virtual Reality devices will make them more popular among ordinary users. According to various estimates, in the next 3-5 years we will be able to see the first devices with a brain-computer interface and full immersion. Our team keeps ahead of the game and when VR and AR become mainstream, our Metaverse will be ready to welcome guests into its friendly virtual world.

  • Going beyond the “non-ideal” reality and moving into the virtual world will solve the problem of people interacting at a distance and will allow to create new, much more friendly communities.

We cannot completely escape the real world of planet Earth, but we can definitely transfer some important parts of life such as communication, leisure, work, building a business and communities of interest to a friendlier world of the Metaverse. If you think it over, these aspects take up a large part of our lives. Getting rid of a toxic colleague in a real office is sometimes not easy. In the Metaverse, choosing your circle of contacts will be a matter of a few seconds. NFT Moon Metaverse – the ability to create a more ideal world than the one that surrounds you today.

Now we are actively creating a new environment for user interaction. Within the Metaverses, everything is based on decentralized content creation and ownership. The possibility to own and resale the virtual assets here is guaranteed by NFT technology. This allows the user to truly own the content that he bought or created himself. It can be anything: a drawing, an avatar, an item of clothing or a weapon for an avatar, a building, or even an entire business.

 But the most important difference between the Metaverses versus games and social networks will be that you can use all these digital items anywhere in the Meta-virtual world – because over time all these worlds will become interoperable and emerge into one another. This means that creating digital content will become even more profitable. And this, in turn, will create space for the professional development of both creative people (artists, 3D designers, etc.) and also business representatives and private investors.

3. Create-and-Earn Metaverse #1.

We are creating our NFT Moon Metaverse at the intersection of Web, AR, and VR technologies.

 How does it look and work?

Our blockchain project is based on the digital copy of our Moon. The idea is to make it inhabited – to work out digital cities and economies on the empty surface of the Moon. We  divided the Moon surface into 10.000 virtual land plots, and converted these plots into NFT certificates, divided into 6 types as to their rarity and quantity. All the land plots, characters and other in-game assets there are NFTs, and the big goal is to make this digital world interoperable. When entering the NFT Moon Metaverse later on, one must have the possibility to interact with users worldwide and gain access to the  purchase and sale of any kind of products and services. So NFT Moon Metaverse is a part of the greater global Metaverse as a place to communicate, to make business and to express yourself using the newest technologies and benefits of the Web 3.0. 

Unique Project Features:

  • In order for the user to get only a positive experience the project is built at the intersection of Web, AR, and VR technologies, which will be developed in the project gradually;
  • Two business models in one are used – P2E (play-to-earn) and C2E (create-to-earn);
  •  We use multi-blockchain;
  • The NFT Moon Metaverse is a constructor that allows you to create almost any content;
  • Project can be used for creating various businesses and Meta-startups within the Metaverse;
  • The above Meta-startups mean ready-made jobs for content creators in the fields of Art and Architectural Design;
  • We are creating a system of distributed ownership of resources.

      The world is changing rapidly, decentralization is the next step in the development of the global economy and society. We invite you to take part in this global process, to be among the first with us!

 More detailed information about the project and the stages of its development can be found on our website and social networks:

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