NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain metaverse

About NFT

NFT-what is it? In this section, we will talk in detail about nft



In 2020 –  Q1 2021 the NFT market grew more than 20 times and the sales have hit the point of approximately $ 2 billion.  NFTs are becoming more popular among users because tokenization adds many useful properties to any digital asset that increase the asset’s value and, thereafter, its price. Any material or digital …

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What is the Metaverse?

The word “Metaverse” (from “meta” = “beyond”) is mainly used to describe the notion of a future version of the Internet, consisting of collective, virtually shared and connected 3D-spaces combined to a perceived virtual universe.     Basically people began to create the life-sized map of the real world. Something of an unthinkable extent. When it is …

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About NFT

NFT in simple words

You may have heard how the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey sold his first ever 5-word tweet for the equivalent of $2.9m. Or may be about the short video of LeBron James, lasting no more than a few dozen seconds, that instantly became a treasure and was sold for an enormous sum of $208,000 to …

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