NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain metaverse


DeFi Farming in the Metaverse

Metaverse – is the convergence of our physical and in the digital worlds launched by the progress of the Internet, blockchain and evolution of alternative and virtual realities. The top of all our fantasies ever imagined being realized right now.

     More and more investors see the future in this breathtaking process and therefore inject a great deal of their funds in. According to Forbes magazine over 400 million dollars have already been contributed to the NFTs – the metaverse’s currency. That amount is growing every month now, and a great deal of the most expensive NFT-transactions in history have been conducted particularly within February and March 2021.

   Metaverse-based games are more than just virtual games, they are a true social experience so much unique and so much necessary and red-hot for people under the pandemic conditions. 

The average user’s interest in the Metaverses lies in as follows:


  • finding the special property items that contain unique economic or emotional value; 
  • adrenaline rush from reselling those properties; 
  • enjoying the community and making friends there;
  • finding opinion-allies and soulmates;
  • the exciting perspective of becoming a part of the virtual world creation and eventually making a living in it.

     But what makes Metaverse-generating games special – is how the system of their ingame economics works. The players have to start from buying plots of the land in order to build the ingame real estate property further down the line. As the time flows the games gain popularity, the prices for those estates naturally grow, plus more and more facilities (houses, cities, economics) are being constantly built there. Therefore, the virtual investors can save or farm their tokens. Even being virtual, those estates, nevertheless, can become a very essential investment asset. 

    The NFT ecosystem is comparatively young, but still an effective base for multiple projects, innovations and holding a huge amount of finance. Starting from 2020 it has become possible to merge NFT with DeFi technologies, which in their turn are also valued for having different ways of potential and already existing cases of harnessing. Thus the consolidation of NFT and DeFi brings the new impulse to the development of cryptocurrencies and will certainly increase the amount of users and liquidity involved.

    The ways to DeFi farm on the Metaverse games are based on the ingame real estate properties and assets. So the passive profit here is to be found in:

  • having Metaverse land plot in possession, which gives the owner of the NFT a cut of the profit from all the ingame or community processes;
  • using the tokens from the certain Metaverse as liquidity in the DeFi liquidity pool: exchange, borrow, lend tokens, etc.; 
  • purchasing the land of the Metaverse in order to sell it later at a more expensive rate;
  • purchasing the land of the Metaverse for further renting it out;
  • purchasing the real estate or some other property in the Metaverse for the further resale;
  • investing into the real companies and developers that are going to create the ingame assets in the Metaverse (the Atari-inspired digital NFT fashion line for example).

    Specialists say that soon we are going to see more NFT in various spheres: many consumer goods will get tokenized and brought to the Metaverses, as brands realize there is a good potential of marketing and direct profit there. especially now when the pandemic has forced many more people around the world to search for a safe and better way to raise money, interact and engage online.

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