NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain metaverse

Блокчейн игры

Metaverses are the future of the gaming industry!

Anticipation of big changes in the gaming industry
Blockchain is a digital book that everyone can view, but no one can change the data contained in it. This innovative technology was called a breakthrough when it became clear that cryptocurrency is not the only way to use it.

Development of the gaming industry around the world

Experts say that the gaming industry is ready for big changes. Games can become the first truly massive use case for blockchain. A distributed digital ledger can completely restructure the industry, reverse the situation in the monopoly console market and make games more attractive than ever before. The entire video game market was worth $134.9 billion last year, which only underscores the size of this market segment.

What does blockchain mean in games?

Currently, most game manufacturers create their products based on a centralized model. This means that the data related to the game is stored on servers that are controlled by the developers. Changing the approach and creating online games based on a decentralized model and blockchain technology will allow players to control aspects of items and various resources in games that are so important to them. Blockchain is also useful for game publishers, as they can earn additional income through transactions between players and increased interest in the in-game trading element.

The value that users have for virtual items in video games is highlighted by the prices of some of them put up for auction. In Diablo 3, immediately after entering the market in 2012, it was possible to make transactions for cash, and even then one of the players sold weapons for the game for more than 791418 rubles. In the popular MOBA game DOTA 2, a cosmetic item was sold for 2275327 rubles. However, since some time, blockchain-based transactions have begun to appear. One of the first of its kind was the sale of the Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 1A race track to the F1 Delta Time game for more than 9 million REVV tokens (approx. $223,000).

By paying such amounts for items in online games, you can see how players approach their cost. Currently, an object in a computer game is no different from a non-virtual object in the eyes of its owner. For this reason, blockchain technology can completely change the world of games and introduce a new global market of blockchain gaming resources, which after purchase will forever remain with their owner. A digital book can blur the virtual value of objects and, in a sense, make them physical. Instead of the cost of the item existing on the servers of game developers, users will have a digital equivalent, for example, in the form of a token.


The metaverse is a three-dimensional virtual reality, as well as a kind of additional universe. NTM, FB, AXS, MANA, SAND, ENJ, MVI are a number of coins that are closely associated with this universe. Today, many independent aggregators contain the most detailed information about most of these tokens.

NFT MOON METAVERSE is a new Metaverse with unique capabilities. Motor skills are based on the Play2Earn principle. A resident of the metaverse is provided with constructors through which he builds his life. The user himself chooses how he will live his life: play games, build businesses, build real estate and sell, create items and rent. And many more interesting things. By the way, the project will soon have a Privat sale. Go to their DISCORD and TELEGRAM in order not to miss the opportunity to buy a token at the best price.

Current Blockchain-Based Games

CryptoKitties is one of the first computer games in the world built entirely on blockchain. The game was released at the end of 2017 and is very popular; in the first year since its release, it attracted about a million users. Most of the tech giants and small game developers, noticing the huge potential of the new platform, are moving in the same direction. The popular BBC website described this game as outstanding, stating that it is blockchain technology in its purest form.

In CryptoKitties, we can buy virtual cats and breed them with each other, create completely new and unique units, and then exchange them. The medium of exchange in the game is the NFT token, that is, a unique token, most often based on the Ethereum blockchain, namely the ERC-721 protocol. In September 2018, the unique Dragon cat was sold for a whopping 600 Ethereum (ETH) (about $170,000 at that time).

Despite its high popularity, according to the DappRadar rating, CryptoKitties is currently on the 36th place in popularity of blockchain games, which consists of: the balance and volume of the game, as well as the number and activity of players. Looking at the statistics, you can see that there are about 100 transactions per day on the Virtual Cat trading platform, and their cost is at the level of 2 ETH. These may not be stunning results, but Dapper Labs, responsible for CryptoKitties, emphasizes that their priority is to take care of the interests of existing customers, not “rob them”.

Upland is one of the best computer games based on innovative blockchain technology. This is the first of its kind game with a new generation of blockchain, which combines social interaction with earnings. Users of the platform can build various types of buildings and sell them by communicating with other players.

One of the most popular blockchain games

Until now, Upland has been able to make transactions through its own UPX cryptocurrency, but with the introduction of Tilia Pay, players can earn real money by accessing real estate, and in the future by selling all kinds of NFT, creating their own virtual companies (for example, art galleries or car dealerships) for circulation.

Unlike most blockchain games, Upland has provided a simple and smooth operation on PC, iOS and Android from the very beginning in order to attract users. The virtual properties currently available for sale in the game are based on the actual addresses of New York, San Francisco and Fresno. Players travel between these cities on a virtual plane or train. There are many opportunities to get UPX in the terrestrial metaverse by participating in live events, treasure hunting, collecting collections of outstanding real estate and winning challenges offered by game developers and the Upland community itself.

Another very popular game is Axie Infinity, based on Ethereum, undoubtedly inspired by Pokemon and Tamagotchi. The game allows users to collect, farm, fight in PvP and PvE, and even exchange creatures. Axies, the monsters we get in the game, are not only cute; they are so unique that it’s hard to find two of the same.

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game

Thanks to the cooperation with Digix, the game developers have introduced Axie-DGX tokens, which can be obtained for the right amount of raw materials in the game. However, this is not an ordinary token, since 1 DGX is equivalent to 1 gram of pure gold. This procedure has brought an interesting variety to the game, allowing players to earn money. At the time of writing, CoinGecko sets the DGX price just above $57. The game itself is also among the best video games based on blockchain technology.

For the first time, players can earn real gold just by playing the game. User-oriented experiments that benefit and reward users are the key to further implementation of blockchain technology.

Why is this important?

Okay, okay, but what is all this supposed to mean? Who cares about a virtual cat, expensive items or items in a blockchain digital book. Well, you should be concerned about this, because games based on this innovative technology could be a glimpse that will completely change the gaming industry and possibly thousands of lives.

All the laws in the ever-expanding industry, where good games are worth their weight in gold, will change significantly. Soon, most game manufacturers will provide us with payment options in cryptocurrency for interesting items, the exchange of game resources for bitcoins (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies and will introduce an element of financing into this vast world of data.

The development of the blockchain industry in games and new jobs
It is likely that over time, the gaming industry will be based solely on the digital world, and the game itself will mainly belong to the players, not the company. Can you imagine the most popular online games on the market, such as World Of Warcraft, Counter Strike, Minecraft, Call of Duty or Fortnite, based on blockchain technology?

Each player will suddenly become a programmer, having the opportunity to earn money on their achievements without any problems, such as selling rare weapons, an entire account, an amazing world or a unique building. The possibilities will be endless. Players will be able to make payments via cryptocurrency even for actions such as sharing the world in the game or transferring them to complete tasks.

Decentralizing games and digital assets gives players unprecedented freedom where creativity is rewarded and your imagination is the only limit. According to the estimates of the gaming analytics company Newzoo, the total number of players exceeds 2.5 billion. That is, about one in three people on Earth plays video games. Who knows, maybe in a few or a dozen years, the gaming industry will adopt blockchain technology and create completely new jobs, such as creating “architects” in Minecraft. Blockchain in the video game industry will bring many benefits to both players and game developers themselves.

Advantages for gamers

Users of various blockchain games will be more interested in playing through the element of owning and trading resources. The percentage of stolen items through hacking will plummet due to goods stored in digital tokens or other “vessels” in the blockchain. Giving real value to the items in the game will open the door to completely new specializations in the labor market, and the game ecosystem can be combined into one, allowing you to transfer resources from one game to another.

Benefits for Video Game Developers

As a rule, a large number of players like technological innovations, so their interest in new features and elements in games can cause a massive influx of players into new production. In addition, by allowing developers to make money in the blockchain gaming ecosystem, you can eventually bring huge amounts of money to developers, because in addition to microtransactions, which are not usually used by many players, and a one-time commission for the sale of the game, sources of income are being depleted. However, the blockchain allows you to receive continuous income, for example, by charging a commission for transactions in games. Game developers should take seriously a topic that could revolutionize industries.


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