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In 2020 –  Q1 2021 the NFT market grew more than 20 times and the sales have hit the point of approximately $ 2 billion.  NFTs are becoming more popular among users because tokenization adds many useful properties to any digital asset that increase the asset’s value and, thereafter, its price. Any material or digital asset can be turned into a token: art-works, collections, game assets, virtual worlds, music, videos and much more.

  So where are the latest trends going to turn in 2021?

  The four NFT ares with the greatest potential in 2021 are:

💎 art-works,

💎 collectibles,

💎 memes,

💎 blockchain games.

2021 is the year of a pure NFT-art-craze. Just think of these numbers! The Beeple painting 💎”Everydays: The First 5000 Days”, created from many different images that the artist has been painting for 13 years, was sold for $ 69 million on March 11, 2021. Animator Justin Roiland sold his NFT collection “The Best I Could Do” for over USD 1 million on Nifty Gateway.

In the past, monetizing a meme was nearly impossible for its creator. NFTs have changed that breach of justice. For instance the image of little Zoe Roth, her face grinning somewhat ominously at the camera while firefighters are saving a burning house behind her, has been in free online usage for years. 16 years after the image was snapped,💎”Disaster Girl”sold her picture as NFT for 180 Ethereum ($473,000).


NFT collectibles also keep their levels high.  Have you heard of the 💎CryptoPunk pixel portrait sold for $ 7.58M in March 2021? And on May 12, an NFT collection of 9 CryptoPunks was brought to the hammer for $ 17 million at Christie’s auction.


Legendary 💎CryptoKitties is a collection game allowing players to buy, sell, collect and breed virtual cats of different types. Each unique virtual kitten has its own DNA and a set of individual characteristics. In 2018, the Dragon kitten was sold for 600 ETH ($ 172,000), and in 2021 transaction sales of the project surpassed $1.2 million.

⠀⠀One of the biggest trends in collectibles are sports-cards, but there are hundreds of other ideas for any kind of collector’s taste. One of the most popular are the 💎Sorare football cards  and 💎NBA video cards with highlights of basketball matches, where a unique card of Cristiano Ronaldo was bought for 84 000.

⠀⠀The most important property that is so valuable by the NFT-fans is their authenticity. That is why the popularity of NFT is growing precisely in thу market areas where confirmation of value and copyright is important to users.

⠀⠀But the authenticity of digital assets is important not just for collectors. In 2021 blockchain games are also becoming an NFT trend, where all or almost all in-game assets are non-fungible tokens.

⠀⠀Previously, the in-game ecosystem belonged to the player only within the player-profile, but in fact everything was the property of the software developer company. With the introduction of blockchain technology into the gaming sector it became possible for players to claim copyright for the assets that they had created in games. In blockchain games everything that the player earned or built in the game: land and resources, characters and weapons, skins, buildings, etc. becomes the player’s property. This is because every asset in the game is represented by an NFT token and therefore can be exchanged for real money.

⠀ Projects such as Evolution Land, Sandbox, Decentraland, Somniumspace and Cryptovoxels are gaining popularity now. They are small Metaverses with their own economy and ecosystem, that users create and develop themselves. Their advantage lies in the fact that player-profiles are stored in a decentralized database rather than on servers, making it impossible for developers to delete players, misappropriate their assets and manipulate the game economy. Thus, only the owner has the right to dispose of his virtual items.

⠀ Blockchain games provide an opportunity to earn real money and develop any competencies that are important for the user and may be useful in the real world. They are also great platforms for users to showcase their NFT artwork and NFT collections to the community.

⠀ The 💎NFT Moon Metaverse💎project is now creating a game like this, in the trend of 2021, where users can own their land and the micro-economies built on it. Players will be able to develop this ecosystem as they wish to, at the same time developing their management and communication skills, and earning real money in the Metaverse.

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