NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain metaverse

What is the Metaverse?

The word “Metaverse” (from “meta” = “beyond”) is mainly used to describe the notion of a future version of the Internet, consisting of collective, virtually shared and connected 3D-spaces combined to a perceived virtual universe.

    Basically people began to create the life-sized map of the real world. Something of an unthinkable extent. When it is finished our physical reality will merge with the virtual world and become the next frontier of online interaction.

   Today, the Metaverse is a global virtual space in which people have their digital avatars (remember the movie “Ready Player One”). Augmented reality goggles, virtual reality, NFT collectibles and the blockchain games – those are now the ways for us to have access to this new informational level. But in future there is more to it. 

      The main feature of the future Metaverse is complete interoperability of the assets. Right now it is impossible, for example, to use the same character in different games or to exchange assets between the games. You have to sign in to a different account and thus you’re going to have a different character there, with a different set of features. In future you will be able to take the same character to all of the possible experiences and realities in the Metaverse. Buy a plot of land on Earth and on the Moon, build houses there, single out one room for a gallery and put all of your Cryptokitties collection on the wall for other players to see? Why not? Everything is possible because the Metaverse will be managed through the blockchain technology, NFTs and the smart contract.

    Blockchain game is not just a game – it is the alternative digital world where you can implement your identity in various realities and dimensions in which people engage with each other. The blockchain allows gamers to freely trade and sell their in-game assets, earning real money for those virtual items.

    The blockchain games that tend to be the main parts of the future Metaverse have one thing in common. The first thing you need to start building something there is purchasing the land. The Metaverse plots are digital pieces of land turned into the non-fungible tokens and sold by means of the NFT-certificates, that contain information about the size and shape of the plot, it’s coordinates, price, former owners, etc. 

Once you have your plot of the Metaverse you can start bringing your digital property to life build houses, items, businesses, economies, cities, interact with players around you play, work, merchandise and communicate. 

    We have created the NFT Moon Metaverse and we’d be happy to see You as the co-owner of our Metaverse through the NFT-certificate. The game is coming soon but the plots of land of the Moon are already on offer.  

    Here is why we think this is worth it.

    The first big technology platform was the Web, which digitized information, subjecting knowledge to the power of algorithms. The second great platform digitizing people, their behavior and relationships was social media. We are now witnessing the birth of the third platform, which is going to digitize everything else, all the things and places of the world. Whoever dominates this huge third level will become the wealthiest and most powerful people and companies in history, just as those who now are the first in the Web and the social networks. Humanity is at the dawn of the new Internet era, this is your lucky chance to become a part of this tremendous process! 

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