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NFT Moon Metaverse meet online with Envelop

NFT Moon Metaverse meet online with Envelop and discuss the benefits of cooperation in two languages

We have already written many times that NFT Moon Metaverse has a partnership with Envelop and is preparing for the ILAO (Initial Locked Allocation Offering). And this is not marketing. This is a technological partnership that benefits both sides and brings a new crowdfunding format to the market.

This Thursday, 09/22/2022, there will be a meeting between Envelop and NFT Moon Metaverse on the YouTube channel Envelop. An important nuance, the meeting will be for English-speaking and Russian-speaking audiences. We will publish the link tomorrow.

What will we discuss at the meeting:

– Detailed discussion of the NFT Moon Metaverse Metaverse.

– What is Create2Earn and CLEVER management.

– Why it is advantageous to use DAO in the metaverse.

– What is WrappedNFT and why is NFT Moon Metaverse profitable to use it.

– We will discuss SAFT wNFT and the Envelop protocol.

– We will discuss the upcoming plans and holding of ILAO and marketplaces where you can sell WNFT.

For those who follow the development of NFT Moon Metaverse and Envelop, it is important to watch the video of this meeting.

See you tomorrow on the YouTube channel Envelop. Don’t miss the announcement.

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