NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain metaverse

3D Land map metaverse website

3D Land map metaverse #

Link to the first 3D test map of the lands

NFT Moon 3D Map #

That’s all of you asked for. Finally, we are excited to demonstrate you the newly born 3D map of the NFT Moon and Moonopolis city!

“This is an immersive 360° map that helps every MoonWalker to estimate the scale of a Moon Plot, its location and capacity — and make a choice on the best personal option. With 6 types on plots and its limited supply, the economy of NFT Moon tends to be deflationary. Besides rental income, the Metaverse is welcoming a variety of revenue generating activities, their scale and ROI depend only from available content volume and you creativity,” — says Alexey Zhukevich, Co-Founder of NFT Moon Metaverse.


HEX subdivision #


Each Moon Plot in NFT Moon Metaverse is a valuable NFT in a limited supply of 10,000. As you already aware, every particular category has its level of privileges.

One of these physical gradations is the amount of hexagons (HEXs) the plot divided to:

  • Standard — 6 HEXs
  • Elite — 12 HEXs
  • VIP — 25 HEXs
  • Prestige — 60 HEXs
  • President — 120 HEXs
  • Genesis — 250 HEXs

Why is it important? A Moon plot can be subdivided to smaller territories in the amount of the above mentioned HEXs, each of them can be separately rented of granted to MoonWalkers to develop projects or objects on it and get profit from that.

Last but not the least, the use of these subdivisions is absolutely various: some part can be rented, another one are dedicated for farming, one more is for development of projects and building objects.

Moonbit #


Yes, these are measurement units in NFT Moon Metaverse. Of course, we can’t give them another name.

While we are creating spaces, its design and functionality, we have realized the a need to introduce the unified system of content volume measurement. That’s why the 3D map pop-up windows includes not only description of Moon plots and availability in stock, but the amount of moonbytes it has for content creation.

More info about moonbit per  will be available soon. 

Buy Land Plots #

You can buy a plot of land at the link below and then add it to the 3D map

What can I do in the Metaverse: #

Creating content (from text to progressive 3D assets and cities), gaining social experience with the help of an avatar, creating locations and businesses, participating and holding business events (conferences) and concerts, job search and new professions, organizing exhibitions, conducting training, entertainment, games, creating game mechanics with the help of a designer, creating financial mechanics and economics, receiving services from users and companies, buying/selling goods and services.

For companies: creation of exclusive locations and mechanics for business tasks, virtual offices, meeting rooms, training of employees and clients, locations for events, concerts and events at their own locations, exhibition halls with demonstrations of services and financial products, integration of fiat and crypto payments and many other solutions at the request of business.

Examples of activities: #

-Create a branded showroom with products and invite guests.

-Hold a corporate party or a party dedicated to the launch of a product or service.

– To celebrate the anniversary.

-Hold a concert of the star and invite guests.

-Host talk shows and podcasts.

-Demonstrate to the user the work of the office or department of the company.

-Conduct a workshop, meeting, brainstorming, etc.

NFT Moon Metaverse is at the pre-alpha stage, metaverse test interfaces, 3D map, test scene are ready. Metaverse we are preparing to launch the alpha version.

Plots of land in the metaverse #

The land plots in the NFT Moon metaverse have 6 categories. There are 10,000 plots in total. The higher the category of lands, the more opportunities the metaverse gives. What are these opportunities:

Divisibility of plots, from 12 to 128. This means that when all 10,000 plots are sold, the owner of the plot already creates plots on his own behalf. And he can use them, farm on them, receive passive income, share from businesses and mechanics, sell.

Access to constructors. The higher the site category, the more features in the constructor and more objects, mechanics, locations, etc. can be created

Distribution of income from the work of the metaverse. The higher the category of a plot of land in the metaverse, the higher the percentage of remuneration received from the work of NFT moon Metaverse.

Distribution of tokens and rare NFT. The higher the category of a plot of land in the metaverse, the more tokens and NFT the owner of the plot receives. And also has the opportunity to receive NFT in ongoing contests and promotions.

Buy Land Plots #

You can buy a plot of land at the link below and then add it to the 3D map

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