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NTM Token PoolSale Vesting Smart Contract

Smart contract vesting for those who buy a token through a pool in the telegram chat #

How to withdraw a token from vesting:

Switch to smart contract , click the “Contract” button, then “WriteContract”, click on the red circle “Connect to Web3” and connect using the wallet for which the token was purchased. Next, go down to the bottom in the punk 8 “withdrawAllAvailable” and click the “Write” button.Confirm the transaction. The token will be transferred to your wallet. 

The opportunity to buy a token.  #

What is a pool:

Every week we will allocate tokens in the amount of $ 5000. It will be possible to buy tokens for up to $200 per person. 

✔️Instructions for buying a token. #

We have 4 ways to purchase a token:

✅1 way: Through the official website:

Connect your wallet, enter the estimated amount in dollars and click “BUY NTM”. The calculation takes place in BNB on the BSC network. Let ‘s give an example: You are focused on buying a token in the amount of $ 200. Enter the amount of 200 on the website and click “BUY NTM”. In the confirmation window of the Metamask, you will see the payment amount in BNB. The amount in BNB will be debited from you and the token will be credited based on the amount paid.
Remember: you will receive 10% of the token immediately to your wallet and 90% can be collected from vesting until June 30, 2023.

✅2 way: Direct purchase via smart contract.

How to do it:
You transfer BNB to the smart contract address 0x179a05778CE948Ca512684cE4A49e8999272C526 and smart contract sends the NTM token to the wallet from which the payment was made.

✅3 way: If you don’t have BNB and you don’t want to waste time and learn how to buy a token.
Transfer any cryptocurrency ETH, MATIC, USDT, etc. to our wallet 0x2e5cdf1705dC0Ef8562b42F38678A8F175c43517, write about the transfer to @moonplots and we will send you the token manually.

✅4 way: Now you can already buy a token in various ways, including through WRAP NFT.
Purchase link:

Now you will be able to take (CLAIM) the NTM token from the pool vesting smart contract.

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