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How to buy DAO avatars

Link to purchase the DAO avatar #

Go to the avatar purchase or read the instructions below
Buy DAO avatars

Watch the video instructions for buying DAO Avatar: #

1. Go to the website
2.Click on the “BUY AVATARS” button.
3.Then click on the “CONNECT WALLET” button.
4.Select the desired wallet. You need to have a wallet that supports the Ethereum network and have the funds necessary to purchase an avatar in the amount of 0.1 ETH+network commission.
5.After you have connected to the site using your wallet, you need to click on the “MINT DAO AVATARS” button.
6.Now you need to confirm the transaction and wait for the successful completion of the transaction.

Congratulate. You are the owner of the DAO avatar and now you can view it on any marketplace that supports the Ethereum network or do it on our marketplace

Avatars will be Reveal after all avatars are redeemed.

Learn more about DAO avatars #

Find out more information about DAO avatars

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