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Moonopolis ID card website

Moonopolis ID card website #

You can go to the website and find out detailed information, as well as buy an ID card.

The first city of the metaverse, which is called Moonopolis.

The first large location that will be actively developed in the form of a city. A large number of people gather within the city . Since at the very beginning it is the first and largest city, the economy and active life begin to build within the city. Residents of the city form its appearance, build structures, buildings within the allocated locations. Thanks to the locations, you will be able to form your mechanics. For example, to build a business, engage in trade, create locations for entertainment and games.

What else can you do within the city: creating content (from text to progressive and 3D assets and cities), gaining social experience with the help of an avatar, creating locations and businesses, participating and holding business events (conferences) and concerts, job search and new professions, organizing exhibitions, conducting training, entertainment, games, creating game mechanics with the help of a constructor, creating financial mechanics and economies, receiving services from users and companies, buying /selling goods and services.

At this time, you will be issued an identity card.

ID cards are a certificate that confirms your right to a location within the city, access to an advanced constructor, the distribution of income of the city, as well as income from activities that occur within your location. Also get the token distribution.

There are 15111 identity cards in total, which contain 7 categories. Each category has its own name and a number of identity cards. Each category has its own price and value, which you get.

Here is the name of the categories:


GUARDIAN-3000 ID card.

MAGICIAN-5000 ID card.

CONSUL-4000 ID card.

VIZIER-2600 ID card.

ENCLAVE-500 ID card.

REGENT-10 ID card.


For example, the Guardian costs only 1.3 matic and 3000 pieces of them. But the ENCLAVE already costs 163 matic and there are only 500 of them. The SUPREME RULER is only 1 card.

To summarize the above, the cardholder has a huge advantage over ordinary visitors to the city. You immediately open up the greatest opportunities and income.

ID card metaverse

DAO Avatars Moonopolis #

Also learn about the DAO avatars of the first city of the metaverse

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