NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain metaverse

Land Plots website

Metaverse Land plots website #

A link to a website with information about land plots and the purchase of land plots in the metaverse

Land plots are the main asset of the metaverse. The owner of the plot has much more advantages compared to users who start their life in the metaverse with a clean slate. There are only 10,000 plots of land in the metaverse that have divisibility. This means that the first buyers of land plots will already issue new plots on their own behalf. Here are the divisibility sizes depending on the category of the land plot.

HEX subdivision


  • Standard — 6 HEXs
  • Elite — 12 HEXs
  • VIP — 25 HEXs
  • Prestige — 60 HEXs
  • President — 120 HEXs
  • Genesis — 250 HEXs

Advantages of owning a plot of land #

In addition to the divisibility of land plots, you get the following advantages:
Advantages of owning a plot of land


You also get access to constructors depending on the category of the land plot, as well as access to closed locations and advertising tools. Thanks to the constructor, you can create:

For the user. #

Creating content (from text to progressive 3D assets and cities), gaining social experience with the help of an avatar, creating locations and businesses, participating in and holding business events (conferences) and concerts, job search and new professions, organizing exhibitions, conducting training, entertainment, games, creating game mechanics with the help of a designer, creating financial mechanics and economics, receiving services from users and companies, buying/selling goods and services.

For companies. #

Сreation of exclusive locations and mechanics for business tasks, virtual offices, meeting rooms, training of employees and clients, locations for events, concerts and events at their own locations, exhibition halls with demonstrations of services and financial products, integration of fiat and crypto payments and many other solutions at the request of business.

Categories of land plots.
Categories of land plots

3D map metaverse #

After buying a plot, you can choose the location of your plot
3D map

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